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My Soul to Keep - Rachel Vincent BR with lieblich Alex :D ♡This is the third book of this series. I've enjoyed the first and second book, but this is different, this is even darker than the other two books. The concept is a bit weird and plot twists are really interesting. In this book we have bean sidhes, reapers, demons, drugs, darkness...think about all this things merged together! Nash, go kill yourself! Excuse my mini conniption, but this boy really got on my nerves! How could you accept that thing?Kaylee is a strong and smart girl. Thanks to her that she can manage to untangle everything!"There were a million what-ifs that could have stopped the whole thing. A million things I wished I'd done differently. But in the end, I was left with what actually happened. With my mistakes and his."I was disappointed that there wasn't more of Tod in this book, but I liked that he was interrupting Kaylee and Nash's makeout sessions and annoying Nash in this way. At least Tod made some parts of this book more bearable."Regret couldn't fix what he'd broken. Apologies couldn't bring back what he'd lost. What we'd lost."The writing it's well written. I am looking forward to seeing where Kaylee, Nash and Tod all go from here.