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Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins Second buddy read with Alex! ★ It was a funny and sweet story. BUT I expected to love this book, so it didn't work much for me, it was just OK and cliché. This book had nothing special and the main character annoyed me from the very beginning, frankly, she and the story gets a bit better around halfway.Anna was very selfish, she made every situation about herself. Even if she admitted this near the end of the book, was too late for me.I thought I could like Etienne, but NO, I couldn't. How can you stay with a girl you don't love, and cheat on her?! You supposed to be the good-guy, remember?The characters were well-described, but they were not the type of people I would ever admire. It's not the worst book I've ever read. I just didn't like it too much.3.5 starsAu revoir.