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The Book Thief - Markus Zusak BR with Alex! :)
How Not to Be Popular - Jennifer Ziegler This was a sweet young adult book, with Sugar Magnolia Dempsey as main character, daughter of hippie parents which don't get tied down to one place. The thoughts going inside Magnolia a.k.a Maggie's mind are hilarious! "How Not to Be Popular" was funny and enjoyable. Nothing much, but the light reading that I needed.
The Mysterious Affair at Styles - Agatha Christie The Mysterious Affair at Styles was Agatha Christie’s first novel, published in 1920. I have to admit that for a first novel it was pretty impressive!The story seems to be quite simple and the obvious is suddenly questioned, the suspect count rises and the real murderer is unnoticed, until Hercule Poirot gets involved. The twists and turns about the entire plot are captivating.Arhur Hastings, I didn't really like him. I found him pretty annoying because he never believed in Poirot's theories, but I appreciated his confidence that he'll catch something Poirot has missed.Hercule Poirot, our detective, is simply brilliant and a gentleman. I loved when he said "the little grey cells" instead of brain! (There is an entire book and you liked this little thing? Yes!)This was my first Agatha Christie book and I will definitely read more from her! A special thanks to my mother for her recommendation!4.5 stars
Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi Warner is cruel and a complete psychopath, but there is a softer side of him, a side which is showing us a broken man who desperately needs to be loved...

Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi Her touch is lethal.Her touch is dangerous.This is the story of seventeen-year-old Juliette Ferrars. She is living in a world where diseases are destroying the population, food is hard to find, birds don't fly anymore, and the clouds are the wrong color.Juliette is in a bad situation. After accidentally killing someone, she is locked away and given to authorities by her own family. As Juliette slowly goes crazy from 264 days of isolation, she has a new cellmate named Adam. Who is this guy? Suddenly they take her out and she meets Warner the mysterious, attractive, strong, brutal, sexy character and this man is giving her a offer. The Reestablishment tries to get ahold of a dying world and she can be the secret weapon. What they want to do? Are they going to make world a better place to live, or not? ...She has 2 choices. To work for the Reestablishment or to be a rebel. Which way is she going to choose? ...By the way...Adam is the I'm-too-good-too-romantic-too-hot-to-be-real guy, but he is so loyal and brave.In my oppinion is a well written book. Tahereh Mafi has a lyrical, methaphorical way of writing, which I liked. The strike-outs are quite interesting as well.4.5 stars
Me Before You - Jojo Moyes This book.It's very sad. It's inspiring. It's a journey that it's not just showing the life of a disabled person but also of the people who surrounds him. Louisa is a 26-year-old woman who needed a job after the cafe she has worked in for years closed down. She is a cheerful and likeable woman, who is everytime left in shadow by her more ambitious - more smart little sister. Lou finally found a job and she has to work for Will as a carer and in the beginning things are very difficult for both of them due to given circumstances.Will is a quadriplegic. That means he is paralysed from the neck down with some slight movement in his fingers = he is not capable of doing anything without a help. At the beggining he is very rude, but turns out that he is also a smart man.Lou's family is so crazy LOL! Patrick is simply an arse and I didn't like Will's family.♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒When Lou discovers a family secret, she creates an "anti bucket" list to change Will's life but she never thought that he would change her life as well. Will she succeed in her mission?"All I can say is that you make me...you make me into someone I couldn’t even imagine. You make me happy, even when you're awful. I would rather be with you - even the you that you seem to think is diminished - than with anyone else in the world."I didn't cry while reading, but this book let me with a knot in my chest. I wouldn't change Will's mind. It was his decision at least he tried, he give living a chance, but he couldn't. He was a warrior on his kind, I admire warriors, but I think there are far better things than killing yourself. Death is not an option.Just LIVE.
My Soul to Keep - Rachel Vincent BR with lieblich Alex :D ♡This is the third book of this series. I've enjoyed the first and second book, but this is different, this is even darker than the other two books. The concept is a bit weird and plot twists are really interesting. In this book we have bean sidhes, reapers, demons, drugs, darkness...think about all this things merged together! Nash, go kill yourself! Excuse my mini conniption, but this boy really got on my nerves! How could you accept that thing?Kaylee is a strong and smart girl. Thanks to her that she can manage to untangle everything!"There were a million what-ifs that could have stopped the whole thing. A million things I wished I'd done differently. But in the end, I was left with what actually happened. With my mistakes and his."I was disappointed that there wasn't more of Tod in this book, but I liked that he was interrupting Kaylee and Nash's makeout sessions and annoying Nash in this way. At least Tod made some parts of this book more bearable."Regret couldn't fix what he'd broken. Apologies couldn't bring back what he'd lost. What we'd lost."The writing it's well written. I am looking forward to seeing where Kaylee, Nash and Tod all go from here.
Where She Went - Gayle Forman ❥ If you had a second chance at first love...would you take it? Where She Went, the sequel to If I Stay, is told from the point of view of Adam Wilde, Mia's boyfriend in the previous novel and I loved that this story was told from Adam's perspective. It made me feel everything that he passed from...anxiety, loneliness, anger, music and of course love. I didn't like Mia, I don't think she had enough reasons to leave Adam, but she did and I felt sorry for her..It's been three years since Mia woke up from her coma and since the car crash that killed her family. It's also been three years since Mia left Adam's life forever. At the beginning of Where She Went, everything seems extremely hopeless and dark. ▢ Adam is a rockstar now living the celebrity dream, he got everything he wanted, almost everything, but she...▢ Mia left their small Oregon town for a scholarship at Juilliard - to the place she wanted to be. She has lived through the worse kind of hell, but she pursued one of her biggest dreams.One night, destiny brings Adam and Mia togheter again and their story continues and I'll let you read the book to discover what happens next. Overall, this was an enjoyable read. The writing simple yet beautiful and powerful.Here are some more quotes that I've liked:
If I Stay - Gayle Forman 4.5 stars"Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you."This book is about a girl named Mia and her journey through life and death. One morning, after a disastrous car accident, Mia finds herself looking down at her own fragile body. She spends the novel seeing herself from the outside in, worrying about herself, her family, her friends and reflecting on her life through flashbacks. ♪ I've found Mia a down-to-earth teenager and she is a brilliant cellist, with a bright although conflicted future. ♪ Adam, her boyfriend - is very sweet, has common passion for music, but opposite genres - he is a guitarist. I liked Adam's character in this book and if it weren't this passion for music they probably wouldn't have got togheter. ♪ Her family is so sweet, OMG! Her dad was a rocker, how cute is that? Now that she just lost everything, what is she going to choose - to live or to die? By reading you'll find out. This is a quick read, intense and moving novel. Forman’s writing is gripping, demanding that the pages are turned. Although the book is not fantastic, it made me think to people and things that make my life worth living.
One Week Girlfriend  - Monica  Murphy "One Week Girlfriend" just didn't work for me. Why?☠ The story was too predictable.☠ Characters weren't developed enough.☠ Love moved too quickly (as a believer to one true love), come on!☠ Child molesting? What? There is no excuse for child molestation for me!☠ I didn't feel the emotions.What. The. Heck.Thing that I loved - Marshmallow.Thanks that this was such a short book. This way it didn't waste much of my time - no offense, started ok but the rest was bad!I'm NOT gonna read the next book!


Requiem - Disappointed! :( 2 stars - only because I've loved the first two books of this series.
Darkhouse - Karina Halle 4.5 starsTo begin with, this book is the first horror book I have ever read.I liked this book, made me feel like I'm a part of the story and to mention that it's really really creepy one. It was also fun, enjoyable and interesting.Everything starts with Perry's nightmares and then, one night, when Perry is visiting her uncle and cousins, she goes to explore the old lighthouse on their property, and runs into Dex Foray. From that point on their lives are intertwined and their story begins.Perry Palamino, is a 22-years old woman who had very difficult teenage years. She had weight issues, she took drugs, but I found her very down-to-earth.Dex "Declan" Foray is older, confident and most likely, bipolar. This makes him unpredictable and the fact that he doesn't reveal much about himself makes him mysterious too. He seems to be a very complicated man.I also liked the chemistry between the main characters. I think that Perry and Dex do have a lot in common and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.The book it's well written, paced and balanced. "Because I find life to be scarier than death."This book may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for some creepy and interesting story to read, you can absolutely try this one!

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins Second buddy read with Alex! ★ It was a funny and sweet story. BUT I expected to love this book, so it didn't work much for me, it was just OK and cliché. This book had nothing special and the main character annoyed me from the very beginning, frankly, she and the story gets a bit better around halfway.Anna was very selfish, she made every situation about herself. Even if she admitted this near the end of the book, was too late for me.I thought I could like Etienne, but NO, I couldn't. How can you stay with a girl you don't love, and cheat on her?! You supposed to be the good-guy, remember?The characters were well-described, but they were not the type of people I would ever admire. It's not the worst book I've ever read. I just didn't like it too much.3.5 starsAu revoir.
The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Buddy read with Alex! :DAll I can say is that I enjoyed this book. I engaged with every little tiny piece of it and thank to the great writer John Green, this messed with my head in a very beautifully strange way.◆I love everything that goes straight through my heart and makes it flutter sadly and this is not gonna be a real review or something, I just wanted to share a little of my thoughts about this smart little book.Here we are...I’ve lived with Hazel, I cried, I smiled and I loved with her. I felt how she was fighting, I felt how strong she was...I thanked to God one more time that I’m healthy and I blamed people which don’t know how hard is to live and how thankful they should be, because everything can get worse at any time. We don’t know what the future holds, like the book showed to us and we should be aware of this by living our lifes as best and good as we can. Don't forget: "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." (Albert Einstein)This book made me feel love once again. Made me feel how important is to have a family, to be unite and how is to sacrifice yourself for another human being like Hazel's mother.So, what happened to Hazel?☾ "But there are dreams that cannot beAnd there are storms we cannot weather"Elaine Paige - I Dreamed A Dream ☽I highly recommand this book to everyone who needs to come down to the earth!
Monster in My Closet - R.L. Naquin 3.5Oh, well...This one was sweet! I wasn't sure how would turn this "Monster in My Closet" premise, but the writer took my doubts away and pleasantly surprised me. Starting with empath, kind-hearted Zoey, a slightly weird woman with outrageous fashion style, to the magic creatures like good-smelling Skunk-apes, Brownies, Dragons and more, to a Demon who kills women in a very strange way...all combined in this story, made this a light book with some dark corners with a lot of adventures!I liked the idea of magic creatures who are soul weary. The "closet monster" is the fancy leaving Maurice, which is a good gourmet, with a lots of interesting sweet friends.In real life it seems when one terrible thing happens, a ton of others seem to follow. That's exactly what is going to happen in this book and I'm not going to divulge any mistery! By the way, there are a few adult scenes, even if it's filled with colorful childhood characters, it's not for kids. This book have little mistakes, but they're not very disturbing.If you are looking for some fresh fun, mistery and adventure, this is it!
Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard OMG! I loved this book! It’s a wonderful and innocent love story, which hides a lot of pain...I couldn’t put it down! The writing style was great, and even humorous at times. The presence of Dante and Beatrice made this book even more interesting. What I liked was how to author wrote from the multiple-points of view. I still can’t believe a man wrote this passional romance (how was he felling when he wrote this...this...thing?!). ~"The brown-eyed angel was weeping over the demon. The angel wept because she was grieved at the mere thought of someone hurting him."~"Scars might heal and we might forget about them in time, but they're permanent"~"You strip me bare. You see through everything. You are the only one who has ever known everything and still wanted me. Only you my beloved."Thank you dear Alex, for this great recommandation!***A fost o carte minunata! M-a facut sa simt iubirea pana la maduva spinarii...Autorul are un scris deosebit, curgator, inteligent si pasional. Ce am citit in carte nu a fost o iubire banala, ci una pura si infinta, bazata intru totul pe fidelitate, incredere si inocenta. Unul dintre lucrurile care face ca aceasta cartea sa fie una deosebita, este faptul ca autorul ne-a citat dragostea dintre Dante si Beatrice, inaltand cartea la un rang suprem si colorand-o cu diverse creatii de arta, precum pictura lui Henry Holiday.Gabriel este cu adevarat, asa cum spune si titlul cartii, intr-un infern, pana cand ingerul fara aripi vine si il salveaza...!Povestea este cea a profesorului de Dante, incantatorul si pacatosul Gabriel, si a elevei sale inocenta Julia, care trebuie sa participe la seminarele lui pentru a-si putea termina studiile de masterat.Acest lucru nu prea o bucura pe Julia, deoarece Gabriel a parasit-o cand ea avea varsta frageda de 17 ani, si el nici macar nu isi aduce aminte de ea. Da, profesorul nu-si aminteste de aceasta fata, dar o compara mereu cu Beatrice a lui Dante, ba incercand sa o protejeze, ba injosind-o, cateodata trezindu-se in crize de gelozie...Ah dearly, aceasta poveste este asa incantatoare!Gabriel m-a scos din sarite cu aroganta lui si comportamentul asemanator unui ice berg.Julia este Julia, o fata inteligenta, timida si inocenta.Nici nu iti dai seama cand se aprinde cu adevarat dragostea intre cei doi (desi Julia l-a iubit dintotdeauna), si cum iceberg-ul de Gabriel se transforma intr-o raza de soare, datorita ingerului care-l salveaza cu bunatatea sa...! Loreena Mckennitt - Dante's PrayerO data ce dragoste ii cuprinde printre notele muzicale, el devine un adevarat romantic si un gentleman, dar ceva rau ii paste. Fiecare are un secret, iar ei vor iubirea infinita. Vor putea sa-si recunoasca aceste secrete unul celuilalt si sa se ierte reciproc? Vor ajunge la eterninate, incalzindu-si trupurile sub aceasi patura? Ceea ce urmeaza sa descoperi, daca vrei sa citesti aceasta carte, este povestea a mai multor vieti, a mai multor incercari de a supravietui, a nenumaratelor remuscari si pacate, a unor soapte de iubire pierdute in trecut...Vei descoperi calatoria unui barbat care a vrut sa isi ascunda singuratatea si regretele prin satisfactii carnale, fara sentimente, ci doar cu relatii de o noapte, cum esueaza si invata cu timpul ca doar iubirea adevarata il poate vindeca... Andrea Bocelli - Besame MuchoAceasta carte te invata ca iubirea nu are limite, ca pasiunea si inocenta nu a pierit si ca cicatricile, fie ele vindecate si uitate cu timpul, raman permanente in sufletul tau.Alocuri cartea mi s-a parut cam lunga, dar acest simplu motiv nu ma va face sa-i dau mai putin de 5 puncte! :)